act2create: The biggest obstacle

My biggest obstacle at the moment is to make myself do the actions which I have promised to myself.

I have formed a strange habit over the past few years. OVERSLEEPING. I tend to oversleep in the morning. Although I have tried setting more than one alarm to ensure that I would wake up and make some time for my activities yet I have only managed to switch it off and sleep. The alarm which I had set for 6.00 A.M. in the morning was switched off and it only adds to my guilt and I am in doubts if I can truly manage to get past this obstacle.

So how do I solve this situation?

I realise that the alarm which I set is always under my pillow. Picking it up while I am lying on the bed and then turning it off is the most easiest thing to do rather than getting up and going for a run.

Let me try placing the alarm far from my bed. I will get back to you with my results with my alarm placement tomorrow.

Hope this works and I am able to begin with my journey.


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