act2create: Thank you for your support! Here’s my report card.

Yesterday, I completed a month since I started this blog. I never thought that I would even walk this small distance but I did it. I did it because I was accountable to you. There have been times when I thought I should skip waking up, skip going to the park but you guys made me realize that I wouldn’t have anything to share if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone. I haven’t shared or marketed my blog to anybody yet there has been a small list of subscribers. It only proved that you had a desire to learn and a willingness to take your life further. It makes me lucky to have been associated with people like you and I am very grateful to you for your likes.

Here’s my report card for you:

Running for 20 minutes: A month later, I have accomplished one of the mentioned goals for this year i.e. running for 20 minutes. Although I am just sticking to the alternate day workout plan, yet I am happy that I have been able to run at most times for around 20 minutes. In the month of January, I accomplished running for my first 30 minutes run. I had never been able to do so earlier. I was able to run for 14 days in January as per the alternate workout plan. I have modified my diet a bit and added fruits and dates as my daily dose. My greed at times makes me choose poorly and I do slip into pastries, sweets and more than 3-4 cups of sugar based tea in a day but I will try to improvise on it as well.

Wake-up at 6.00 A.M. in the morning: Sorry, but I am still lazy and behind on this part. I have been able to set alarm for 6.15 A.M. but I couldn’t get going as per the set time. I will retain the month of February to improvise my waking up timings.

Hoping for the best and more hard work on the way. That’s the price I need to pay to get to the other side.

Thank you once again!


act2create: How far am I from a half Marathon?

Currently, I am struggling to complete my first mile at the park but I have set my eyes on the half marathon. Today, I have calculated the distance at the park using maps and I have found that one round at the park is equivalent to 0.6 kms. Thus three rounds at the park are equivalent to running a mile. Although I am facing difficulties in my timings and completing the first mile, I believe that half marathon is possible with practice.

A half Marathon requires me to run 13.1 miles. This seems a big daunting task for me at the moment but this is the challenge which I am looking forward to. As per my approximate calculations, below is a step by step method for achieving this goal:

act2create: Plan for my first half marathon
act2create: Plan for my first half marathon

I have been able to run a mile at a decent speed of 10.30 minutes but I have calculated it at 11 minutes for the goal. I will be looking forward to running and completing 6 rounds at the park to achieve the next goal of 2 miles.

A good nutritious diet and a control in breathing with a balanced stamina is very much essential on a day to day basis for this. Will I be able to go that far? That’s the question

act2create: The First Step

Its said that the first step is always difficult and an ancient chinese proverb also states that the longest journey begins with the first step. That’s so very true!

A few years ago, I read a book on Financial planning written by Dave Ramsey. In his book he mentioned, that while you are heading for someplace you dont just pack your bags, lock the house and ask the cab driver to take you anywhere. Instead we always have a plan in our mind and we do prepare for it. The same is the case with us as well. My plans need to be in accordance with my goals. So the first step means defining where I am heading to.

To do so, I have identified a few habits which I believe that if I practice them regularly, their benefits would compound over years in my personal and professional growth. These may not appear very major to you but I have put them off due to my procrastination habit for a much longer time now. So here’s what I wish to achieve by the end of 31st December, 2015 i.e. exactly one year from now:

  1. Waking up at 6.00 A.M. in the morning to make time from my demanding office hours for my goals
  2. Regularly jogging for 20 minutes a day
  3. Dialogue with self
  4. Reading newspaper the Abraham Lincoln style for 5 minutes every day
  5. Thinking on paper by using the challenge, price and implementation method

As I said before, these may not seem very motivating or major goals to you but identifying what matters most to you is very important. I have identified what would matter the most to me at the end of 2015. You too can start along.

I will present my report card exactly one year from now to see how well have I done

Let the journey begin!