act2create: The first run towards health

My oooooooversleeping habit is yet to be solved and I wokeup and walked till the alarm far from my bed only to switch it off and go back to my bed. Yet I managed to run in the evening on a holiday.

Running has a special meaning for me. I have discovered that its a way for me to express my freedom. If I were 60 years old today then I would love to see myself have run several marathons and everytime breath a sigh of relief about this accomplishment of my life.

To run does not mean to run fast or to run better than others but it means reminding the child within you that you are still alive.

I began with running last year and on the very first day I remember very well that I could only run for no more than 45 seconds. It was an eye opener for me that I just wasn’t fit nor had much of a stamina to perform. I tried for several days and my duration improved from 45 seconds to 25 minutes over 3 months. There is no better feeling than the feeling of progress. It was only a mosquito who injected me with Malaria and I choose rest from thereon.

Although I wasn’t regular in running last year, I had made some good progress. Today almost after 6 months I ran for my health and I ran for 4 minutes 12 seconds. I believed I could run for more than that but slow and steady wins the race. I only hope that I dont get knee pain tomorrow morning as I ran after a long time.

So to conclude the good news is that the first step has been taken. The question remains with me, will I maintain my own discipline for the journey or is there another mosquito or a slim excuse to halt my own progress.


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