act2create: Fatigue and pain my new obstacles

Yesterday at night, I had prepared myself to be get-set-go ready for the morning run. The alarm was set for 6.15 a.m. in the morning and placed far from my bed as per the plan.

As soon as the alarm rang, I was barely able to wake-up to turn it off as the previous day I had a heavy 9 hour desk job. I woke up to switch it off and felt my eyes feeling the need to rest. I headed back to the bed but didn’t fall asleep ASAP as my mind didn’t want to skip the run today. After 5-7 minutes I had madeup my mind that I would sleep and I missed my day of workout 😦

In addition to this, I realise that my running technique is totally incorrect. Although I am giving proper rest to my mind and body yet my joints are paining in the first minute of running itself. The weight of my entire body seems to be landing wrongly while running and while placing my foot on the ground. I won’t be able to go far with the wrong technique and I must rectify it right away.

I will look for videos of professional guidance on youtube from experts for rectifying the same and if needed I am willing to start all over again. Let me try!