act2create: Help which I take while running

Running for me totally turned out to be a broader subject than what I had thought when I began. I never cared how I should land my feet on the ground, I never thought how important it was to stay hydrated every 20 minutes nor did I bother how much distance I was covering. I simply had one plain goal and now I realize how vague it really was, “to run for 20 minutes daily”.

Its been less than 1 month and 10 days since I began with my new year resolution to stay fit, I have made some decent progress till now. I have failed many times, injured myself and even had many negative thoughts in my mind but I am dedicated to my goal. My daily office job comprises of a 9 hours desk duty and a 4 hours travelling journey. With the little time I have in the morning, I have been able to spare an hour of my time thrice every week to run at the park. I take stairs wherever possible instead of lifts and escalators and as I do not own any vehicle, I carry my 3 year old daughter to her school by holding her in my arms for a 10 minutes distance and return home walking. My methods are plain yet they have given results. I can already feel that my waist line has trimmed and my trousers are now supported by belts which are using new holes than earlier.

Here’s what I carry with me during running at the park:

My Android Cellphone with Nike+ application installed in it: This is simply an amazing app. I get numeric results using this application. I get to know the calories, distance in miles and encouragement from this app.

Shamelessly I stole my 3 year old daughters water pouch: My daughter received it as a birthday gift last month and she did not like it 😛 . I decided to put it to my use. I carry around 150-200 ml of water in this pouch and drink the water from it every 20 minutes while running. The objective is not to quench my thirst but I carry it with me to avoid my throat and mouth going dry. I can fold this pouch and I keep it in my pocket.

act2create - Water pouch
act2create – Water pouch

Corseca Bluetooth Headphones: These were gifted to me by my office colleagues. Instead of a wired based headphones, I use them to stay hands free and I do not have to worry if they may slip from my ears. They have a decent 700 Mah battery life which lasts for more than a week.

act2create - Corseca headphones and my digital watch
act2create – Corseca headphones and my digital watch

Audibooks: I have very spare time with me and I love reading. Anything which adds value to my life or helps me keep lifted, I simply love such posts, articles or books. With the little time I have, I do not get any time to read physical books. I tried reading some during my journey to office but it was painful for my eyes and I felt restless. I have atleast 10-15 audiobooks in my cellphone which cover topics from finance, positive thinking, discipline and you can name anything positive. If you guys can share anything which you think is worth reading, please feel free to do so. It is fun to get fit and educated at the same time while I am running 🙂

Digital Watch: Before the Nike+ app, I used to use the timer option from my watch to determine the duration for my each run. I do not use this now but it helped me earlier to gain the momentum.

Three quarter pants: They help me to carry the money in my pocket, my water pouch and also my cell phone. I feel comfortable with them.

Shoes: I am using the sports shoes but I feel they are a bit heavier. I will have to invest in a more costlier lightweight sports shoes shortly.

There is a phrase, “use what floats your boat“. I am doing the same. It is better to try various combinations and settle for what works for you.