act2create: The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

Another wonderful book which I would like to discuss today is the best seller book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma. A friend of mine and I were discussing a few months ago about books and he referred to me about this one. I had heard the title of this book for a long time but the name of the book itself sounded so weird to me that I never felt like reading this one. I thought it must be a book on choosing retirement and giving up worldly pleasures to choose the path of being a monk. Until I read the book, my stupid perception completely changed.

act2create-The monk who sold his Ferrari
act2create-The monk who sold his Ferrari

If I were asked to describe this book in a sentence then I would say that this book is about “maintaining work-life balance effectively“. If you were to think about a typical perception of a monk in your mind, you would have thought of a man in a saffron colored dress and meditating. You would also think of someone who has detached himself from the typical human wants which we all look forward to. This book however is totally opposite of what we may believe at first without having read it completely.

The story revolves around a well renowned and a rich lawyer who suffers a heart attack in a courtroom. Once he recovers, he decides to sell off all his priced possessions including his Ferrari in search of something in India which is unknown. His assistant is disheartened to know that his boss choose retirement after the heart attack and headed for India without being kind enough to let him know as they had shared a good relationship. The twist of the tale is that the assistant is surprised to see a Monk one fine day in his office who is actually his retired ex boss and now a muscular vibrant looking man. The assistant is keen to know the reason for his well being and his positive grace wherein the boss shares all the teachings which he received during his stay in India at a Savannah.

This book can be termed as a book for life and it has been in the book sellers shelf for a very long time. Indeed it is a good book and it gives you all sorts of advice which we generally look out for. The book mentions about taking risks, courage, happiness, work-life balance, exercising and all the positive stuff. Although a best seller, this book has too many advice shared by the author and if I were to use this book as a ready reckon then I would have had difficulties understanding which advice should I choose first to begin with. The messages and the language of the book is simple yet a little vague to some extent. If you were to tell me to exercise from tomorrow then I would consider it as a good advice but you did not tell me which exercises should I begin with.

Conclusion: This book is a good read but a one time read. You would probably have to make your own notes simultaneously while reading this book. If you are somebody like that kind of a personality who takes notes then this book will do wonders for you. If not, you will at least feel positive and clarity about how you should live your life. The language is simple and clear. If you manage to get access to a book library, I would suggest you to at least browse through the contents of the book and see if the content seems suitable for you. Even if not, just browse through the main points to gain from the rich content.