act2create: Unplanned workout day today

I had decided that I would continue making progress, step by step. It shouldn’t be of any concern to me how significant any step was as long as I was making a progress. Yesterday, I ran 2.5 rounds at the joggers park and at night before going to bed, I decided that I would rest the next day morning i.e. today. Thus my schedule would be an alternate day workout to maintain a fine balance between rest and hard work. So I did not set an alarm for the next day morning before going to sleep.

I was asleep and having a beautiful dream and suddenly I had to wake-up to realize that I had forgotten to switch off the alarm which I had accidentally set in my Mobile phone for the entire week :X I woke-up to switch it off and decided to continue with my sleep but I couldn’t. My sleep had disappeared somewhere. I couldn’t feel any pain in my legs which I was feeling the other day and I had time on my side. I decided to head for the joggers park. I wasn’t feeling charged for a workout and I decided that I would try for a complete 3 round at the park at a slow consistent pace.

1-2-3 and yipee, I managed to complete what I couldn’t accomplish yesterday. I completed 3 rounds at the park today in 11.17 minutes. Although the duration was too long, yet I am happy that I could complete what I was looking for. Also, I managed to perform 10 push-ups but I intentionally skipped pull-ups today.

So far sill going good and I am happy with my progress!


act2create: Taking it a step forward

As planned, the alarm was placed far from my bed and it was set for 6.30 A.M. in the morning. With all my enthusiasm and a well rested mind and body I woke up and left for the joggers park.

The joggers park is about 18 minutes from my home, so the to and fro journey means 36 minutes of walking as well. The target which I had set today was 2.5 rounds at the joggers park but I would try for 3 rounds if I could manage. The day before yesterday I had managed to finish 2 rounds. So ready-steady-go and I started and finished 2 rounds and then began the 3rd round. I was feeling that I was stretching myself too much and mind said 2 rounds weren’t bad either to settle for. Yet with my determination¬†for the set target I stopped at 2.5 rounds completing it in 8.17 seconds. I would have been glad to finish the 3rd one but couldn’t do that today. Hopefully next time!

In addition, I am glad that I could perform 3 continuous pull-ups on the concrete roof of my window and I added 5 push-ups as well to my workout. So far I am steadily going good with my progress.

I am currently on a journey and a journey cannot be without its ups and downs. I am also aware that a roadblock may hit soon. Yet I need to keep pushing myself till the goal is achieved.