act2create: Time to raise the bar! Preparing for my first dream run!

Now that I know that I have the capability to run for straight 30 minutes, I need to push myself to know how much further can I take it from here. There is a half marathon, dream run, green run and a junior run being organized in my city and I have decided to register for the first green run (10K) of my life. I don’t think that less than a month of preparation and just 13 running sessions makes me a qualifier for a half marathon. There are still many improvements which I need to improvise upon for strengthening my running capability i.e.:

  • improving speed
  • drinking water on the run
  • running for a longer duration
  • ability to run without a headphone and staying focused
  • retain energy without feeling stressed for the long distance

Now to focus on my first dream run here’s what I have in my mind:

  1. Including the to and fro walking distance which I travel during my alternate workout plan from my home to the park, I have been able to cover a total distance of 5.2 miles maximum. This comes to around 8.3 Kilometers whereas a dream run requires me to run for straight 10 Kilometers. The 8.3 kilometers also includes a total 34 minutes of to & fro walking journey and 10 minutes of settling down walk time post my run. This walk time is adding to my total miles covered and for the green run, walking is not meant to be included. Thus from tomorrow, I will turn the Nike+ app only when I begin the run and stop it immediately once I actually stop running.
  2. I will carry a small pouch of water bag in my pocket as I am experiencing a dry throat when I am breathing through my mouth. I have decided to consume little water from the pouch which will stop my mouth from going dry and help me to lengthen my journey. I hope it works.
  3. I will practice to rectify my chi running technique to be able to run better and longer. When I lift my foot each time when I run, I realize that I am lifting it partially. The foot needs to be raised above the knee line while running. If you know what I mean.
  4. Before beginning the run, I will take a minute or two to ensure that my body angle is forward falling and relaxed. The head, shoulders and the hips need to be in a straight line and also, I shouldn’t be stepping beyond the hip line while running.

A simple subject of running longer requires more of improvised understanding. I never that it would have so much of depth to it as I am discovering it gradually. Lets see if I can really take it further from my previous landmark of running for straight 30 minutes. Can I really do it? Time and my perseverance will tell.