act2create: Small contributions to add to the health progress

Today, I am just 15 days and not more than 6 days of alternate workout old. My mornings on an alternate workout day comprises of mostly cardio exercises whereas for the rest of the day I have a 9 hour desk duty and a 4 hour travel journey. By the time I reach home it is already 11.00 P.M. and I have to hurry on feasting my dinner as well, so that my late night dinner does not disturb the sleep of people around me. Once I have my dinner, I am expected to be asleep ASAP and I generally feel the need to go for a walk to relax myself but that never happens as another busy day awaits me in the morning.

With such a lifestyle and no time by my side, it is difficult but not impossible to make way for health. My parents, spouse, my 3 year old daughter, friends wish I could spare time with them when I am available and apart from this there are other household activities which take a big chunk from my limited free time. Thus I fall into the category of people who do not have time.

To improvise further on my health, I have been making below small changes which can be helpful to me over a period of time:

  • Since I reside on the 6th floor, I always take the stairs instead of the lift. Thus going for the jogging early in the morning, returning home after leaving my kid for her school and while returning from office I always take the stairs. It contributes to climbing 12/18 stairs a day.
  • I still do not own a 2 or a 4 wheeler and my 3 year kid does not prefer to walk for 10 minutes or even a minute 😛 to her school, So I have to carry her in my arms for a distance of 10-12 minutes walking which also works as a good workout.
  • As soon as I am awake early in the morning, I drink almost half a liter of boiled water kept overnight in copper vessel. My father has been practicing this age old practice since the last 20 years which is believed to improve metabolism and keeps you hydrated for the day. He still doesn’t have many wrinkles on his face at the age of 69 and although he manages to drink 2 liters at a time, I firmly believe that it has good benefits. Check links if you need to investigate more
  • After my lunch, I generally go for a 10 minute walk around my office building. Also after my evening tea and snacks, I go for the same 10 minute walk.

Small contributions are not never wasted. Every brick matters.