act2create: Notes for self before my first 10K Green run

When I began with my motive to be fit in January this year, I never thought I would be participating for any fitness events sooner this year. This Sunday morning, I am heading for my first 10K green run of my life. I have practiced and achieved the landmark of a 10K run during my practice phase and I am confident of my ability to complete it but I have failed on many occasions as well. I have failed so terribly that I stopped within 2 miles itself. Learning from my failures, here are the notes for myself:

  • Begin slowly. Speed will be gained gradually once you gain the momentum. The first 15 minutes are very crucial to be relaxed when running. It doesn’t matter if others are running ahead of you. Your focus should be to run slowly for the first 15 minutes.
  • Be sufficiently hydrated for the run. Your stomach should not be too full nor too empty.
  • Nervousness will pour in as this is my first run. Keep your head down and just run. Don’t stop until you have made it.
  • Your have practiced and achieved the same distance before very easily. There is every reason why you will make it possible!
  • People are staring at you is a myth. They are standing in the crowd to cheer you and they want you to succeed.
  • Breathe from the mouth slowly and exhale slowly.
  • The Chi running method is the most effective technique you possess. Put it to use and achieve success.
  • If you ever feel like stopping, remind yourself why you began in the first place.
  • If for any sad reason you fail in your first 10K run, remind yourself that the race began at 5.30 A.M. in the morning. Most of the people are sleeping on a Sunday morning. You moved out of your comfort zone and by simply participating you are one step ahead of those who never tried. This is not the last race of your life. So try next time.
  • You have done well so far. I am proud of myself!