act2create: Running with the giants by John Maxwell

act2create-Running with the giants
act2create-Running with the giants

I found this book accidentally while I was looking for a book on running. Let me share my experience on this book in the shortest manner as possible and whether you should read or not.

This book belongs to the self-help category and if you are looking for any specific methods or techniques that will be shared by John Maxwell then you may be disappointed. There are references throughout the book for the teachings of Bible and stories which serve as an inspiration as to why few people manage to become great although they faced obstacles and failures. These old stories serve as a reminder to us today that the basic principles of success are still the same. Through out the book, you will feel one common message being said “C’mon! you can do it and don’t quit!“.

If you are a runner, you can switch to an audiobook version of this book and listen to it while running to keep you motivated mentally. Buying a handbook version does not seem sensible or worth your money as you won’t feel motivated at the same level every time you read the same content over and over again. I am sure if I had bought a handbook version then it would have been lying on my shelf for days.