act2create: wow! wow! wow! double boost :D

A few days ago, I identified that my running technique was totally incorrect and I was hurting my knees. My stamina drained down instantly as I began and I was full of doubts about my goal.

To rectify my running technique, I decided that I would use the Chi method of running (link). I just can’t explain what a wonderful method it is. Today was meant to be a day for rest as I had been to the park yesterday as per the alternate day workout plan. It was Saturday evening and there was nothing to do on my evening list. I decided that I would use my spare time for my health as I wasn’t feeling tired. So for the first time with my headphones on my ears, I headed for the park. The Nike+ application was also pushed on and I was on my way fully charged for a run.

The music was good and after walking for 15 minutes I reached the park and with the slow and steady pace I had begun my run. I did not monitor the duration for each round today but I ran 1-2-3-4-5-6 and yes 7 rounds! at the park. I ran straight for 28.20 minutes and the best part of it was that I never felt any swelling or pain in my knees even at the last few minutes of my run. I feel that I should have ran for 30 minutes but there is always a next time. By the time I was in my 7th round at the park, I was feeling so comfortable and energized and I actually gained some pace.

act2create: running improvised
act2create: running improvised

A small success can work wonders and I am looking forward to improving further. All and all, I am happy with my achievement today.