act2create: The objective of your life should be……

While I am still a beginner when it comes to setting goals and streamlining my life, yet I would take this opportunity to identify one of the objective of your life.

A while ago I was thinking as to what is the objective of my life? Is it earning more than enough money, fame, recognition, being loved by many, having created a name or what is it? I checked across multiple blogs and posts through google but nothing really appealed or made sense to me. Maybe I wasn’t getting their point. Some said, what would you love to do if you weren’t being paid for it, while some said take a pen and paper and think of something which would make me cry but I didn’t cry either 😀 The most difficult part for this was getting an instant solution as soon as you begin to think. Unfortunately I couldn’t get an answer for myself.

I decided to keep this aside and thought my life isn’t that bad nor the best. If I am average and happy then it doesn’t matter. I am not answerable to anybody for this question and I breathed a sigh of relief. Something within my head didn’t stop looking for the answer. It was my subconscious which was looking for this unsolved mystery of my life. I remember it was afternoon and I generally hate to sleep in the noon on Sundays while everyone around you has feasted heavily and they are turning the hectic week’s effort into a good rest but somehow I lied down on the bed and closed by eyes. I laid down on my back and I was asleep in no time. It would have been not more than 15 minutes since I was asleep and I woke up with this statement in my mind.

“Your objective in your life should be to guide yourself in the right direction”

It was weird as I wasn’t really looking for the answer to this question but the exact words struck me forever. I woke-up immediately and decided to write this down but the lazy me decided to put this off as well. I went to the balcony and thought over this statement. I said to myself that it was a rather vague statement and nothing specific as I was looking for. I was looking for a specific objective like writing, teaching or maybe something which I loved deep down but never bothered to express. Yet this statement kept bothering me.

Alright, I know that I should guide myself in the right direction. Everybody does that. While staring outside the balcony window and thinking simultaneously, I realized the true meaning of what my mind had passed to me. The right direction itself referred to the choices which I needed to make. Knowingly or unknowingly we make too many wrong choices but we fail to realize the ripple effects it creates and compounds over our lives. We choose and we decide our own fate. From switching off the alarm and going to sleep the first thing every morning to switching off the alarm and waking up with enthusiasm for a morning jogging is a simple choice. From picking up the piece of creamy cake or the alcohol glass to choosing healthy foods and warm water is a simple choice. Saying to yourself that sometimes it is ok to make these wrong choices to staying adamant on the right choice even when the world decides to make fun of you is your choice.

You choose, you decide and you shape your own destiny. Guide yourself well for your own life and for your own good. It may not matter to anybody else but it will matter the most to you. Keep motivating yourself for the right path. Be your own life coach and don’t wait for miracles to happen. Set a single goal to begin and only settle till you have achieved it. Slow and steady even makes the slowest animal a winner.