act2create: Yipee! Yipee! yay yay…I did it again!!

Today will be the day which I will remember for a long time. I ran my longest duration ever and broke my own previous landmark. Just less than 1 month and 3 days since I decided to improve my health, I have improved my health gradually through hard-work, patience and perseverance. The very first day in the first week of January, I barely managed to run for less than 5 minutes and today with regular practice and pushing my occasional failures behind, I ran my first 6 miles in a total duration of one hour.

act2create: My first 6 miles run at the park
act2create: My first 6 miles run at the park

I had only one goal in my mind today that I would only try to beat my previous record but not settle for anything less than that. Thus I was looking for more than 4.10 miles distance and a better timing today. At the 18th minute since I began, I was in total pain and felt cramps all below my knees. Yet, I decided to continue as much as I could. A few minutes later, I got past through the pain. After finishing the 4.10 miles, I knew I was going to beat my own record. I headed for 5 miles and I was going great.

I felt I had decent energy to continue beyond 5 miles and I immediately upgraded my today’s goal to the green run distance which comes to 10K. I am really proud of what I have accomplished today. It is all and pure hard work. Simple fruits, dates, soya milk and avoiding oily stuff has helped me retain a good energy. I am feeling tired at the moment and my office duty is just about to begin. My right knee is in total pain and I hope to recover well as a big day is approaching soon.