act2create: My first 30 minutes run, I did it! :)

In my last post I mentioned that I managed to run for straight 28 minutes. I wish if I could have managed to run for 2 more minutes and create a landmark of my first 30 minutes run but I didn’t do that. There was always a new day to try and it was indeed today!

After a two days complete rest, I was more than eager to head for the joggers park and test my ability to finish what I couldn’t do the other day. I began with the slow consistent pace and with my headphones plugged in my ear, I was going just great! At the 21st minute since I began my run, I was feeling that I may not be able to accomplish it today but I decided to concentrate on my running and to stop checking my watch from time to time. At the 27th minute, I was feeling more comfortable and I realized that it was easy and possible to create my first 30 minute running landmark today and yes! I did it 🙂 🙂

act2create: My first 30 minutes run at the park
act2create: My first 30 minutes run at the park

What is helping me so far:

  • Plugging the headphones is helping my mind to divert my attention into subconscious running mode instead of thinking about how long I need to run. I am keeping my mind busy and thus I do not realize how long I may have run unless I check the watch or the Nike+ app. tells me the distance which I have covered
  • Before leaving for the park, I am only sipping enough water to quench my thirst. Thus I am hydrated enough for the run but I do not feel that I am running with a heavy stomach early morning. Also, I pop two date fruits before leaving for the park. It acts as a source of instant energy and as an antioxidant which enters my health system the first thing for the morning run. It is however rich in sugar although natural and it keeps me bothered if that could be a cause of concern to watch out for.
  • I am inhaling and exhaling through my mouth during the run and it keeps me less tired. Although my technique is still not correct but I will try to improve upon it gradually.
  • Using the Chi method of running has caused less strain on my knees however I am feeling some pressure on my calves which makes me realize that my action may not be correct and it too requires correction.
  • The alternate day workout plan is doing wonders. It gives me enough rest to recover but it also keeps me motivated to go to the park with a renewed energy and enthusiasm.

I am expecting a more hectic schedule in my office for the coming days and I hope that I am able to keep the momentum going. Guys! please pray for me!