act2create: An aspiring runners mind, a tricky situation

I have chosen running for my health since the 1st of January 2015 as my new year resolution to see myself in a better health. Running for me is not only about fitness but it much more beyond that. I feel very special when I have completed the target which I had set for the day. Since I am a beginner, I have very small targets but for a journey of thousand miles, every step matters!

While you are running, your own mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. The initial few steps for a beginner like me are the most easiest ones but after a few heavy breaths and a poor stamina you decide to stop. It seems very painful to continue and your mind tries to save you from the pain which you are facing. You decide to stop or you start receiving silent reasons as to why you should stop. Probably you are feeling some pain in your knees, your stomach is paining or you feel that you are exerting too much. You may also receive a voice from within that is telling you that you don’t need to do this. That’s the voice of lazy you! I hear the lazy me daily, absolutely everyday. It says to me that you should switch off the alarm clock and continue with your sleep. It also tells me that it is okay to skip this for one day. It tells me that it won’t do any harm if you skip it for one day. This is the most easiest side to be in. This is the side that will keep you live an ordinary life forever. Don’t listen to it!

The other voice says, “C’mon you can do it!”, “Its difficult but you can do it!”, “Remember why you began in the first place!”. This voice is asking you to stay on the path. It is asking you to stay determined and focused. This requires hard work and taking pain but its a temporary pain and this is the price which you need to pay to get one more step closer to your success.

I generally don’t listen to the first voice of negativity but at times it becomes more vocal when I am about to loose my stamina for running. At this time, I divert my thoughts to seeing something around the park. It may be an old couple who have lived a happy life and still aspire to live a healthy life, a construction site nearby which reminds that progress happens step by step or the innocent kids playing in the park.

Life is all about making choices, making “correct choices” to be specific. You choose and you make your own destiny!