act2create: Worry & Laziness pours in again

With my last victory of 10KM successful run, I seem to have gone in a relaxed mode. I had retained two days of rest for recovery and from today, I was supposedĀ to resume my workout. My new boss, new team and new schedule is making me go nuts at the moment. Also, my wife informed me today that her office is about to layoff a few people and she is likely to lose the job as well. I am tense at the moment!

Life is always demanding and it will always be so going further. I need to give myself a reason as to why I can go further from here instead of settling for the small win. The mind needs to be relaxed to perform well.

Yesterday at night, I had set the alarm for 6.00 A.M. in the morning for today’s run. As usual, the alarm did its duty but I did not. I switched it off and went to sleep. Seems I am getting comfortable and carried away.

Reminder for myself: Get back to life. There is still a long way to go from where you stopped. Life is a joyride and it has its own ups and downs for good reasons. Enjoy the ride!