act2create: The power of creation and making it count

I began with writing in 2014. It was my aspiration to be a blogger and a writer someday. I had one goal in my mind, to post effective articles. Articles which would make difference in people’s life but the most easiest thing in this world to do is to tell others what to do but doing it yourself is the most difficult. That’s when I decided that I would set myself as an example instead of telling the world what to do. With act2create, I have an opportunity to begin with the changes which I have always aspired in my life and simultaneously post my experience and journey so you can relate with my failures and success.

In the last year, to begin with blogging and writing effectively I had purchased a 200 pages notebook and began with expressing my thoughts on paper. The book was filled completely in 3 months. I believed that firstly I would write in the book, rectify the article later and then post it on the blog. This however never happened and I only managed to fill the pages book. Till this date, nobody knows what I had written in those pages as I have never posted any of those articles online. It was although a good practice for me to begin with writing, it did not count.

Creation matters to keep yourself motivated. I cannot imagine the peace a sculptor or a painter would feel when he visits his own gallery filled with his creations. A creator feels the joy of a mother who has brought something to existence. A piece of ugly looking clay may turn out to be a million dollar artwork when shaped to beauty. Since my blog has gone online, I have managed to create 8 articles, I have made it count.

Your creation could make a big difference in the life of other people.¬†Create what you think you can do best. Do not worry about whether it is good enough or not. Even if it may not seem the best to you, a step towards creation gives you the title of “creator“.

Do not hesitate, start small be consistent, improvise regularly and see the difference compounding over time.