act2create: 2015 a year which I have promised to myself!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could start with a clean slate and start fresh? Well, now is the chance to do so and that’s what I am going to do. Today, its 31st of December, 2014 and while most of the people around me and across the world are celebrating, I have decided to take a charge of my life from now on. So what was holding me till now to take the charge earlier? My answer would be nobody except I, me and myself to be blamed for. The first thing which I wish to do is to take ownership for what and where I am today. Ever seen a hurdles race on a television or in a sports stadium? The athletes have to run and jump past the hurdles at their best pace to be the winner. We never see them complaining about the hurdles on their way. The same is with us, lets not complain about the hurdles but lets jump past the¬†hurdles, lets act on them to create our own victory.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Lets start fresh!