act2create: Unplanned workout day today

I had decided that I would continue making progress, step by step. It shouldn’t be of any concern to me how significant any step was as long as I was making a progress. Yesterday, I ran 2.5 rounds at the joggers park and at night before going to bed, I decided that I would rest the next day morning i.e. today. Thus my schedule would be an alternate day workout to maintain a fine balance between rest and hard work. So I did not set an alarm for the next day morning before going to sleep.

I was asleep and having a beautiful dream and suddenly I had to wake-up to realize that I had forgotten to switch off the alarm which I had accidentally set in my Mobile phone for the entire week :X I woke-up to switch it off and decided to continue with my sleep but I couldn’t. My sleep had disappeared somewhere. I couldn’t feel any pain in my legs which I was feeling the other day and I had time on my side. I decided to head for the joggers park. I wasn’t feeling charged for a workout and I decided that I would try for a complete 3 round at the park at a slow consistent pace.

1-2-3 and yipee, I managed to complete what I couldn’t accomplish yesterday. I completed 3 rounds at the park today in 11.17 minutes. Although the duration was too long, yet I am happy that I could complete what I was looking for. Also, I managed to perform 10 push-ups but I intentionally skipped pull-ups today.

So far sill going good and I am happy with my progress!