act2create: How far am I from a half Marathon?

Currently, I am struggling to complete my first mile at the park but I have set my eyes on the half marathon. Today, I have calculated the distance at the park using maps and I have found that one round at the park is equivalent to 0.6 kms. Thus three rounds at the park are equivalent to running a mile. Although I am facing difficulties in my timings and completing the first mile, I believe that half marathon is possible with practice.

A half Marathon requires me to run 13.1 miles. This seems a big daunting task for me at the moment but this is the challenge which I am looking forward to. As per my approximate calculations, below is a step by step method for achieving this goal:

act2create: Plan for my first half marathon
act2create: Plan for my first half marathon

I have been able to run a mile at a decent speed of 10.30 minutes but I have calculated it at 11 minutes for the goal. I will be looking forward to running and completing 6 rounds at the park to achieve the next goal of 2 miles.

A good nutritious diet and a control in breathing with a balanced stamina is very much essential on a day to day basis for this. Will I be able to go that far? That’s the question