act2create: Not going as per the plan :(

As a beginner for working towards my fitness, my plan was to go for an alternate day workout. This would ensure slow yet steady pace for progress. A well rested mind and body would ensure less fatigue. However, I am not following my plan effectively. Anxiety, tiredness and doubts are my roadblocks.

On Saturday, it was my 3 year old girl’s birthday and I feasted on junk food at the birthday party. I did have a successful workout day at the park on Saturday morning but my uncontrolled diet pushed me 2 steps behind. Sunday worked well as it was a no workout day and didn’t require any special efforts. Today, I should have been at the park to improve my statistics for 3 rounds at the park but I didn’t manage to wake up. I was barely able to open my eyes by 8.30 A.M. and I only managed to wake-up to leave my little girl to her school.

I was going well last week but it seems I am beginning to loose the momentum. A clear plan has been laid down and a disciplined approach can ensure success.

Tomorrow is a new day, let me push myself harder!