act2create: When you start making changes

As per the plan to go for an alternate day workout, today was meant to be a rest day.

Yesterday, I reached home a little late and since my weekdays are too demanding I barely get any time to speak to my wife. Yesterday, after reaching home and having my dinner we decided to spend time with each other and with the lights turned off we held each other in our arms and spoke about till 1.30 A.M. I was very much relieved that I did not have to bother for waking up early on the next day morning. We both were asleep as we spoke. I believed that I would be asleep till 8.30 or 9.00 A.M. next day morning but I woke-up by 6.00 A.M. with just 4 hours of sleep. It seems that a change in schedule may be causing a disturbed sleep for me. Also since the last two days, I have been waking up well before the alarm rings.

At this moment, I am feeling a bit dizzy and my eyes are feeling tired but there are other family responsibilties for which I will be heading towards in a few minutes from now. During the day, I feel very hungry and fruits do not seem to satisfy the need. Since morning, I have had two cups of tea, a bowl of pomegrante and 200ml water from copper vessel.


A change is never easy and I realise that there is a price to be paid for getting to the other side. I hope that I am able to hold myself together until the goal is reached.