act2create: Another average day of run on a lazy Sunday

Today two of my school friends participated in the Standard Chartered Marathon. One of them completed the full 42 KM run while the other who was always brilliant in studies and today she is successful Chartered Accountant and a Mother of a 6 years old son, managed to complete the half Marathon of 21 KM. She mentioned that she completed it in 3 hours and 13 minutes and she is still disappointed with the speed after completing it in the longer duration. It would be wrong for me to compare myself with them as I am just beginning and struggling to improve on my first 10 minutes run but I am happy that I have began somewhere and I am going consistent till now.

It was Sunday today and I should have woken up at 6.30 A.M. in the morning but I did not! I was feeling dizzy and managed to sleep till 9.30 A.M. shamefully. In the morning, I had two cups of tea, a family junk snack and then some fruits. I did not even drink the water from the copper vessel today. Today, I had totally deviated from my path.

act2create: Oranges and Sweet Lime for my morning snack
act2create: Oranges and Sweet Lime for my morning snack

In the afternoon, I again headed for some sleep after the heavy lunch of brown bread and chicken which I generally dislike to do. The voice within me asked to head for the joggers park which I readily headed for.

Since I was well rested, I decided to go for a speedier run to reach my target of 3 rounds at the park in 9 minutes. The first round was completed in 2.52 minutes and I was happy 🙂 that I had improved. By the time I began my second round, I felt I had a low stamina and I completed it with a poor record of 6.30 minutes and the third with a heavy soul of 10.20 minutes. My legs, especially my joints are feeling some pain and before I headed for the park I was already feeling it yet I had to run.

I will try to improvise on my diet and try to educate myself on what can be done to improvise.