act2create: Change of strategy, lets see if that works!

I thought I posted this yesterday at night but for some reason it didn’t. I am posting it now and will let you know the outcome in a few hours:

A few days ago, I mentioned that it would be ideal for me to complete my first 3 rounds at the park i.e. the first mile in 9 minutes. However, I have only managed so far to complete the first round in less than 3 minutes when my energy levels are at their best. By the second and third round I have barely improved my speed over the last few days.

I have decided to try a different approach for tomorrow morning. I will be running the first and the second round at a very comfortable pace while the third one would be to perform within the three minutes target.

I have been reading through some articles on running and it has been mentioned that it is best to inhale and exhale from the mouth instead of the nose. Let me put that to test as well tomorrow. In addition, I have installed the Nike+ application for my android phone for precise results.

I will keep you posted if that helps!