act2create: Running that extra mile

After completing my last successful 10K run, I am focusing my efforts on half marathon. It means I need to run for 13.1 miles straight with a better running average than my last run.

Yesterday evening, I decided to resume my practice after a week of sickness and cold in the evening. The target in my mind was running 7 miles or more. I began slowly and continued running slowly. Just 10 seconds before completing the farthest distance i.e. 7 miles I accidently hit the pause button on the Nike+ app but I continued running and resumed the running button on the app. 7 miles is my farthest run so far. I ran at a very very slow pace. Got to improve my average:


My office work has become more demanding than before. I will be leading a team from now on and I now have the most demanding boss who is feared for his discipline. I am committed to my goal and I should not expect a perfect smooth environment in life. Let me keep trying….