act2create: Sorry for the gap, trying to bounce back

Without a moment of delay, I would like to apologize for giving no update for a while. I am accountable to you for my progress and I am posting on the blog after almost more than 2 weeks.

So as expected, my office job is taking a toll of my health. My 9 hour desk job does not leave me with anytime to have my lunch as well. I have however stuck to fruits, boiled corns and some healthy snacks in the evening. I could not manage to wake up at 6.00 A.M. as per the plan to become an early riser so February was a month of failed goal. I feel the need to sleep and I only find myself sleeping, waking up, going to office and working like a donkey, then coming home and going to sleep and heading for office. This has been my schedule for the past few weeks, The result of not having sufficient food but sticking to boiled food has made me lose 3 kilos. At 5 feet 8 inches tall, the ideal weight I should be at is 67-68 kilos but right now I am 63 kilos. All my clothes seem loose and I am no longer fat or obese. However, I have fat around my belly and I hope to loose it soon. In total, I have lost 18 kilos weight till now but I look weak at the moment. Losing weight was not the priority for me but getting in shape and staying fit was.

I resumed my workout yesterday and after a gap of 3 weeks, I ran 5 miles yesterday and 4 miles today. I cannot give excuse that my office work is demanding and I have no time for health. If I really want to, I can find a way to get past my problems. God give me strength.

Here are the snapshots for my yesterday’s and today’s run.

act2create_sunday run
act2create_sunday run

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