act2create: My first victory, my first ever medal! :)

My past few weeks were focused on preparing for the green run on 15th Feb, 2015 i.e. today. So here’s the conclusion for the D-day Conclusion=success!

As I do not own a two wheeler or a 4 wheeler, heading for the green run starting point at 5.00 A.M. was the biggest challenge for me. Around 45-50 KM away from my home I had to reach at 5.00 A.M. in the morning to the starting point. There was no way I could reach on my own at that time. Instead I headed for my eldest sisters place who stays 10 KM far from the starting point. The plan was to reach her place the previous night and head to the starting point on her scooter but fate had different plans. I reached her place as planned and thought I would get sound sleep but my niece fell ill. The entire night we all were awake and I barely managed to sleep for 45 minutes only. I was feeling tired and sleepy when I reached the starting point by 4.45 A.M. but I was committed to my goal.

I had my headphones on my ear and I was listening to “Running with the giants”. I hit the Nike+ app to know my speed and distance. It was great to see people of all age groups, young and old running with enthusiasm. I also felt ashamed that people were running at better speed than mine but I reminded that other people were not my focus of the run. I missed collecting the water bottle during my run and only managed to grab water at the 40th minute since I began. Before the race began, I was shivering with nervousness and my legs were shaking. I was afraid I would fail or get a cramp due to lack of sleep.

The moment of smile turned out to be the last one minute before the finish line. Everybody was clapping and cheering for the runners. Some even had funny messages posters in their hands. The time I crossed the finish line, I felt happy. I received my medal. My first ever medal in my life. I had earned it. 

I will be focusing my next goal on running the half marathon. Simultaneously, my timing needs serious improvisation and I am sure if I practice, I can do it. Tomorrow is a busy day at office and my office days are just about to get a little busier than what it already were. A challenging boss, a new team and new colleagues. God give me strength to take my goal a step further. Thanks for your likes, help and support which kept me inspired and going!

act2create-green run medal
act2create-green run medal
act2create-green run statistics
act2create-green run statistics

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