act2create: Making the shift by Darren Hardy

act2create-Making The Shift by Darren Hardy
act2create-Making The Shift by Darren Hardy

Audiobooks are a great way of education. They help in building an understanding and gaining knowledge on the run. I always carry a set of Audiobooks in my cell phone and whenever I get an opportunity to listen to them, I do so with eagerness. They not only help in saving the physical space in your shelf but I also enjoy the fact that I do not have to burden my bags while heading for someplace.

So let me share my experience with another wonderful Audiobook, “Making the Shift” by Darren Hardy. If you have had an opportunity to read the book named “The compound Effect” which was written by the same author then you will realize that it was something common sense which he was trying to explain to us yet we never gave a thought to it. Let me explain it with a simple example: If I were to give you a dollar each day from the 1st of January till the end of the year i.e. 31st December and if you never spent a dollar anywhere then how much would you have in total at the end? The answer is definitely 365. Thus what this simple maths is trying to tell you is that if you make one change or move one step forward each day then you would have moved 365 steps further. This simple logic is called the compound effect and it is worth giving a thought. I have been able to write one or two posts each day and the result of the same is that I have written 43 posts in a time span of less than 35 days. This is also called compounding.

Let me get back to this Audibook, “Making the Shift”. If you are somebody like me who does not necessarily love his office job but goes to work to earn the daily bread for his family and pay bills then this a good book to begin with. This Audiobook does a good job to make you understand what it takes to shift from job to business. It also explains, why the society will tell you that Business means risks and why people around you may criticize you and pull you down to their level. It also tries to help you build an understanding as to how you should deal with them and take help from your family at an emotional level.

An effective Audiobook is one which asks you to take action and not just listen. This is where it falls a little short. At the end of the Audiobook you will be given a short experiment which requires you to head towards rejections and failures but I feel that just a short exercise is not enough. If you were to simply receive rejection and failures then a weaker mind may feel more depressed and low. It is success and clear visible results that motivates us all.

Conclusion: The author “Darren Hardy” is one of the few people who advocates the route of hard work and pain instead of loose your belly in 30 days using the belts and capsules. It is difficult to sell theories that try to tell you about paths of hard work instead of short cuts. I would advise you listen to this to start building an understanding for a shift.


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