act2create: My first 45 minutes run at the park!

My evening today was reserved for the run at the park. After my last embarrassing 17 minute run at the park, I decided that I would go slow and ensure that I would breathe slowly and avoid heel striking. I was going great and running at a speed of 11.08 miles per hour. Although the speed isn’t great but I will improvise upon it gradually.

I only started the Nike+ app once I began my run and stopped it once it ended. Thus I am not including the total 34 minutes to and fro walking distance to the park and back home. I burnt some decent calories and I hope that I am able to run in a similar way at the dream run which is less than 15 days from today. I had forgotten to carry my cell phone today at the park but fortunately my wife too has decided to go the the healthier way and began using the Nike+ app. She has only began with walking so far but a small step is a great beginning. This is the snapshot from her cellphone which I carried with me during the entire run. I covered a total of 4.10 miles at the park in the said duration. I wish to take it further from here.

act2create: My first 45 minutes run
act2create: My first 45 minutes run

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