act2create: It’s been an embarrassing day for me today :(

My last two runs made me realize that there was much more potential in me to run beyond my previous record of straight 30 minutes. I was so charged and confident that I believed I could finish my first dream run. So I decided yesterday night that today would be the day when I would beat my previous record and count my actual running distance in the park using the Nike+ app.

The alarm was set for 6.15 A.M. in the morning and as usual placed far from my bed. Yesterday it was a little busy day at the office and after reaching home and having my dinner, I was dead asleep. I was trying to visualize how I would run at the park the next day morning while lying on the bed and I must have been asleep in the first few seconds as soon as I closed my eyes. The alarm rang at 6.15 A.M. as intended and it was dark and cold outside. I managed to wake-up somehow to switch it off and my mind began uttering words to myself that “Its too dark and you are still too tired, you can try to sleep for the next few minutes”. Instead of not trying to listen to the lazy me voice, I decided to approach the bed and I was asleep till 7.10 A.M.

By the time I woke up, I was feeling guilty for allowing the laziness to pour into my mind. I thought it was too late to head for the joggers park and may be I should try tomorrow with a new approach. However, I knew that this guilt wouldn’t let me to sleep further and I decided to head for the park. In a hurry, I sipped too little water and I forgot to carry the water pouch which I had mentioned about in my last post. By the time I reached the joggers park, it was already 7.25 A.M. and I began my run.

By the 15th minute since I began, I was feeling totally thirsty, my legs felt heavy and I thought I should stop. Yet, I thought I could manage to push myself further somehow. I couldn’t push myself beyond the 17th minute and I stopped running. Negativity poured into my mind and I was thinking that I was expecting too many miracles in a very short span of time. I was in doubts as to what was I thinking when I decided to register for the first 10K Green Run which is just 15 days from now.

act2create: Embarassing running day today
act2create: Embarassing running day today

Being practical, I understand that my journey will not be 100% success everyday. I need to be much more disciplined and avoid laziness instances like today which is pushing me behind. I cannot blame anybody if I fail in my journey to achieve what I had intended to finish. Let me try again!


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