act2create: Its an active day for me today!

As part of my 2015 new year resolution, I have few simple goals of which I am currently working on two connected goals i.e. waking up at 6.00 A.M. every day morning and running for 20 minutes every day. A disciplined and a slow approach seems to be helping me to make it happen.

I have been setting alarms for 6.30 A.M. in the morning for the past few days although the plan is to wake up at 6.00 A.M. but it seems I am ready to wake up early. The day before yesterday and today as well, I was awake well before the alarm gave a wake-up call. Today it was meant to be a workout day and I had set the alarm for 6.30 A.M. in the morning. I was awake by 5.30 A.M. when I checked for the time in my cell phone. I decided to continue with my sleep and waited for the alarm to give a signal of get-set-go. The alternate day workout seems to be working well for my body and mind.

7.00 A.M. sharp I headed for the park after drinking half a liter of water kept overnight in the copper vessel and I was well hydrated for the day. After an 18 minute walk to the park, I began with my plan to run 3 rounds with a target to complete them in 9 minutes. The first round was completed in 3.10 minutes which is 0.6 seconds more than the previous day, the second by 6.30 minutes and the third by 10.14 minutes. To achieve my goal, I should be completing the first, second and the third in 3, 6 and 9 minutes respectively. This is no where close to the required target in any way but I am happy that I have clear goals, I am trying and I have the faith that it can be done!

After completing them, I headed for 5 dips on the parallel bars at the park and I could do more yet I decided to hold myself back as I only wanted to make step by step progress. The last time, I was successful at 4 dips and today I performed 5, so that is one more step towards progress. In addition, I performed 10 push-ups and headed for my home which was another 18 minutes walking journey. I reached home by 8.10 A.M. by choosing to take stairs to reach my apartment. so that was one complete hour of non-stop workout. Additionally, taking the kid to her school and taking the stairs again meant another health exercise.

All and all, I am making progress and I am trying to reach closer to 2 of my vital goals. There have been challenges like an upset stomach, body pain, a lazy mind and many more to come but I am happy that I have been managing to get past them.

I was successful in adding fruits to my evening snacks for this week and yesterday I had oranges, grapes and a banana along with my junk food 😛 I am going slow as a snail but I can feel the progress!

act2create: fruits in my tiffin
act2create: fruits in my tiffin

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