act2create: Back on track

Two days of failures left me restless for not sticking to the plan. Yesterday at night before going to bed, I decided that come what may I will go for the run.

The alarm was set for 6.30 A.M. in the mornning and before the alarm could ring I was already awake. I didn’t get up before the alarm rang as it was too dark and I couldn’t see the time. Once the alarm rang, I was already charged and woke-up with enthusiasm and headed for the park at 6.46 A.M.

Captured the below snapshot from my cell phone to note the time before leaving.


Half way to the park and my stomach made me realise that I wasn’t fully recovered. Yet, determined to my goal I ran to the park and relieved myself.

As per the target of 3 rounds in 9 minutes, I completed my first in 3.04 seconds and the second at 6.57 seconds and the last at 10.47 seconds. Thus the good news was completing the first in 3.04 seconds i.e. .04 seconds more than the target required. Also performed 10 push-ups and 4 pull-ups.

Thus my determination wins today! 🙂


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