act2create: Upset stomach, another excuse :(

Yesterday, I had made a firm decision that I would not derail my progress and stick to the set plan. The alarm was set for 6.30 A.M. in the morning and placed far from my bed so I could head on time for the joggers park.

The alarm did its duty by ringing on time but I did not. As soon as I switched off the alarm, my mind gave myself a persuasive excuse that it was cold and my body was tired so I can rest for 5 minutes on the bed. Shamelessly I headed for the bed and I couldn’t rest. One voice said that I will be asleep again and I should refrain going for the rest. The other voice diagreed and asked me to stick with the blanket.

I finally decided that I wouldn’t let the lazy me get over me again. At 7.10 I wore the track pants and decided to head for the joggers park.

Since I reside on the 6th floor, I mostly take stairs instead of the lift. By the time I reached the ground floor, I realised the urgent need to attend nature’s call and I had to take the lift to hurry back home 😦

An upset stomach!!!! Grrrrr…disappointed…


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