act2create: Most important tip to be successful, ignore what others think about you!

If you want to be successful in life, you need to reach to a point where what others are thinking of you is of zero importance to you

People always have opinions. You have opinion, I have opinion and we all think of certain people, things and situations in a certain way. Our minds are judgmental and we all create an opinion based on assumptions. An opinion need not necessarily be a fact.

A few years ago my father purchased a ripe mango from the local market. It had the most beautiful texture, size but it lacked the authentic smell of a ripe mango. Based on the visual presentation, he purchased this and it was decided that we would have a piece of it after the lunch was over. Eagerly awaiting for a bite of the beautiful treat the Mango was served after our lunch by my mother. The first bite which we eagerly took with the highest expectations of taste turned out to be the worst thing ever eaten by me. Honestly, it did not have any taste at all. It was neither ripe, raw or bitter. I cannot describe that further.

So in total we had two different opinions. First the look made it attractive and in reality the taste was hopeless 😦

We never stopped eating mangoes after that experience but accepted that fruit for what it was. The same is the case with we the people. Other people’s opinions should not come in the way from pushing yourself further.

If we could stop thinking beyond what others are thinking of us then we could achieve much more in life. The pressure of people makes the best sportsman under perform for a crucial match.

Forgive, accept and move one in life! That’s the best approach for a healthy life 🙂


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