act2create: Going good till now

One of my clear goals which I mentioned for this year was waking up at 6.00 A.M. in the morning. While I have been setting alarms for the same for the past few weeks yet I only managed to switch it off everytime. Its winter and cold in the morning. The alarm rings while you are asleep and the blanket in which you are sleeping is nice, warm and it says to come over and I will protect you from the cold. Its perfectly okay to skip your morning jogging today and tomorrow is a perfect day to begin. You listen to this quite voice in your mind and you pull over your blanket happily to complete your incomplete sleep only to wake up with a guilt and belief that maybe you can’t do it.

I have dealt with such behaviour of my own for a very long time. Today however was altogether a different day. As promised to myself, I set the alarm for 6.00 A.M. in the morning and it was cold as usual and the blanket was nicely protecting me when the alarm rang. The dialogues in my mind were no different today either. I decided to continue my sleep but some responsible voice within said, “its not ok, you should wakeup”. The other voice said lets continue the sleep but the choice is always made by us. The choice which requires effort and hard work is the most painful one but by choosing the difficult one you get one step closer to your goal.

The battle of voices in my mind continued till 6.45 :p and I chose the difficult one today. At 7.00 I left for the morning run in the park and I had set a goal of 2 rounds in the park. I completed them in 7.20 seconds today by beating the timing of my own previous record. This was not intentional yet I made some progress. Also performed 2 individual pull-ups.

So there is some good progress!


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